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Question and Answer

Q: What makes Tassel Capital unique?

A: Tassel Capital is unique in three primary ways. First, Tassel Capital is designed to work with people in relationships. The services are highly personalized and geared to work with people exactly where they are and take them exactly where they want to go. Building trusting relationships is the key to working closely with people and helping them make financial decisions consistent with their goals. Secondly, Tassel is fee-only and all owners are actively involved in the business. This helps Tassel Capital focus on the question, What is best for the client? and not be tempted to answer, What is best for Tassel Capital? What is best for the client is what is best for Tassel Capital. Thirdly, Tassel Capital understands important words like stewardship and legacy. The planning services provided are focused on efficiently meeting clients goals. This is all done within the context of stewardship principles

Q: Does the name Tassel carry any personal significance to you?

A: A: Yes, it does. The general significance is detailed elsewhere on the website, but the name, Tassel Capital Management, Inc. was very carefully chosen for personal reasons. From my personal faith in Jesus Christ, I see great significance in Number 15:38-39 which says, Speak to the sons of Israel, and tell them that they shall make for themselves tassels on the corners of their garments throughout the generations. And it shall be a tassel for you to look at and remember all the commandments of the Lord, so as to do them. First, I hope Tassel will help encourage my clients to continually view their financial situation relative to their personal goals and desires. This helps them make better decisions. Secondly, I want Tassel to remind me of several important commitments I made when I started Tassel Capital. These commitments relate to providing excellent service to clients, maintaining personal spiritual disciplines and maintaining appropriate (and very high) priorities with my family. It may be important to some of my clients to know that I have initiated several ways to be kept accountable on these personal issues.

Q: Why did you start Tassel instead of plugging into the infrastructure of an existing company?

A: Founding Tassel Capital gives me the opportunity to build a business from the ground up with the primary focus on providing excellent financial guidance to individuals. This focus on people provides many advantages including 1.) Clients have access to Tassel Capital's decision maker and Tassel Capital's decision maker has constant contact with clients and 2.) Tassel can change and evolve virtually instantaneously - there is no red-tape, there is little overhead and there are no committees. Tassel Capital should grow over time, but the continuing focus will be to provide financial guidance through highly-personalized relationships.

Q: What challenges do you face because your are independent?

A: The biggest challenge of being independent is communicating to people what Tassel Capital is and what it does. The technology and the servicing necessary to provide investment solutions to clients are, surprisingly, not significant challenges. Tassel Capital has employed or partnered with various companies to provide excellent tools. Tassel does not have to reinvent the wheel on every front. TPX Expert, Money Tree, Compliance Advisory Services, and several major mutual fund and investment companies are a few of the companies that Tassel Capital has teamed with to provide investment and planning solutions.

Q: What advantages do you enjoy because you are independent?

A: Perhaps the biggest advantage not yet mentioned is the entrepreneurship required to start and maintain Tassel Capital Management equips me to provide better counsel and guidance. Anyone who has started a business knows what I mean. You can't learn how to drive a stick shift by reading a book! The on-going process of running a business will allow me to better guide all clients not just business/practice owners. Also, because Tassel Capital has no outside owners (which means Tassel Capital answers only to our clients), decision-making is extremely efficient. This allows the needs of clients to be the priority as Tassel Capital grows.